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FOB Fees

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*Purchased Car Price: Price of the car as confirmed by Auction Hall

The above FOB charges is only applicable for shipment via RoRo and container. Additional charges for container will be THC (terminal handling charges, vanishing & lashing, bundling and frame charges (JPY20,000-40,000) will be added to the above charges. LC charges will be separate.

Normal payment is bank telegraphic transfer, to be made within 3-10 days after purchase of the vehicle. Express payment is telegraphic transfer, to be made within 2 days after purchase of the vehicle. Proof of payment must be faxed/emailed to us.

Quantity purchased is average quantity purchased over a period of the last 3 months (90days) divided by 3

Luxury Vehicle Surcharge

For vehicles that are of high end range, a surcharge will be imposed rather than the above normal FOB rate. For cars above JPY2,000,000 a rate of 2.00% of the purchase price will be charged. For vehicles above JPY3,000,000 a surcharge of 3.00% applies.