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Charges Overview

Written by Webmaster on .

The final price of a successful auction bid for a vehicle consists of varying charges incurred in the Auction Process. Below are the charges:

A) Vehicle Price

Price of the car purchased at Auction (we will not charge 5% consumption tax)

B) FOB Fees

It covers the following:

  • (i) Auction Purchase Fees: Paid to auction house upon successful bidding of the vehicle. Average cost is JPY 15,000.
  • (ii) Transport Fees: Charges incurred to transport vehicle from auction house to the specific port. A fee of JPY 3,000 is covered by us under FOB Fees.
  • (iii) Documentation Fees: Required for transfer of vehicle ownership & declaration of export. Fees average to about JPY 2,000.
  • (iv) Customs Clearance Fees: Required to clear the vehicle from Japan customs upon shipment. Fees average about JPY 15,000.
  • (v) Postal Fees for Documents: Postal of Bill of Lading (BL), Invoices, Vehicle Registration Certificates, etc shall be posted to clients via reputale courier companies after shipment of the vehicle.
  • (vi) Commission Fees: Covers our efforts in translation, digital photos of the vehicle and any other reasonable requests post auction.
  • (vii) Taxes & Recycle Ticket Fees: we will cover the 5% consumption tax fees and recycle fees which will be paid to the Japan government.

Extra Charges (if any) in addition to FOB Fees:

  • (viii) Luxury car surcharge: For vehicles with purchase price in excess of JPY 3,000,000. A surcharge of 3.00% is charged on top of the normal FOB fees. For vehicles with purchase prices in excess if JPY 2,000,00, surcharge of 2.00% is charged.
  • (ix) Extra inspection charges: this includes any additional inspection documents required by certain countries, eg JAAI inspection certificates. A fee of JPY 25,000 will be charged.

C) Additional Transport Fees

For vehicles successfully purchased, there could be a wide distance between the Auction House where the vehicle was purchased to the specific port. In the event of this happening, the client willl need to incur these additional fees, which are pre-determined by the specific auction houses. Please refer to Additional Transport Fees for further details.

D) Extra FOB Shipment Fees

Will be incurred in the event of shipment via Container shipping, which requires efforts like vanning, lashing & securing of the vehicle inside the container. Charges incurred will also depend on the different destination country. Please refer to the Extra FOB shipment Charges under Container Shipment for further details.

E) Ocean Freight Fees

Payable to the shipping company prior to the ship's departure from Japan. Kindly email/contact us for details on Ocean Freight fees.