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Auction Claims Exemptions

Written by Webmaster on .

The auction houses in Japan have certain exemptions when it comes to claims for certain damages or defects. Kindly refer to the below:

1. Cars which have been purchased for below JPY 200,000.

2. Cars which have high mileage of over 100,000km.

3. Cars which have been damaged & repaired (or even those un-repaired).

4. Cars which have been a First Registration date of more than 10 years.

5. Cars which are of parrallel import nature.

6. Cars manufactured more than 3 years ago with on board electronic equipment malfunction.

7. Car clutch and brake defects cannot be determined at the auction house as there is no room to test drive it there. The auction rules states that unmentioned defects which can be repaired below an amount of JPY 30,000 cannot be claimed against the auction house.

8. Any defect not mentioned in the Auction Sheet, but is serious in nature, and the Buyer wishes to make a claim against the auction house, the Buyer must bring the vehicle to an authorised car dealer to get an estimation of the repair cost. The fees involved in obtaining an estimate will not be covered by the the auction house.